It’s time to tell your story

Do you have a story to tell?
Is yours a story of hardship – of overcoming life’s challenges?
Could your story prove to be an inspiration to others?
Could your story become an Amazon No.1 best-seller?
Would you like to make money as an author?
In other words, are you a Phoenix Rising?


Imagine a safe space – a space where you, along with amazing women just like you, can evolve your story-writing journey. A space where you can nurture and bring your story to thousands of other women. A space where you will inspire and empower others, leaving them with the legacy of your life. Welcome to just such a place. It’s called …

Phoenix Rising


You are unique. Yes, it’s true. There’s no-one quite like you – anywhere on this planet. And because you’re unique, with a unique set of talents and a unique journey that you’ve travelled, you have a unique story to tell.


As a part of your remarkable skill set, there’s every chance that you have the ability to tell stories. Most of us have this within us. The gift of storytelling is part of our human inheritance. We’ve been exposed to the magic of storytelling since the beginning of time. We’ve shared stories, created and retold them, used them to guide and inspire.


Empower the lives of others

You have a powerful story within you that, through sharing, will not only provide meaning to your experience but will empower and inspire the lives of others. When they hear your inspirational story, they will feel connected to you. They will learn from your personal archive of experiences and from your courage, strength and your vulnerability.


If we’re to turn our inspiring and empowering story into an Amazon No.1 best-seller, we need more than just our innate ability to tell our story. We need to know how to evolve, develop and structure that story. Ultimately, we need to know how to publish it too.


Phoenix Rising has a team of expert publishers, ready and waiting to take you by the hand and lead you through the entire book writing and publishing process.


How does Phoenix Rising work?

It begins with you. To tell the story of your journey requires you to release your inhibitions – to expose and articulate the real, authentic, powerful, yet vulnerable individual that is you.


  • You’ll be part of a small group of women, each of whom will be their own unique Phoenix Rising.
  • You will be given the expert guidance to write your story that will attract, move and inspire others.
  • You’ll learn how to structure your story, how to write it in a way that truly engages your reader.
  • Throughout this experience, you’ll work in group sessions and one-to-one with Olivia Beardsmore.
  • You’ll also have a team of experts, dedicated to supporting you in your work. This included, a professional proof-reader and copywriter, designer and printing house.
  • The book will be beautifully bound with a striking and appealing front cover. It will be illustrated with colour photos and artwork.
  • You receive 300 copies of your book with an RRP of £15 (Worth £4500) to sell, gift, do book signings etc. You’re welcome to order more at cost price.
  • You can use your perfectly formed memoir for motivational speaking opportunities.
  • Put your talent, your heart and your soul into your story, and you will be an Amazon No.1 Best Seller.
  • Everything is done online so it doesn’t matter where you live.


    And at the end of your storytelling journey?

    People will be able to buy the book physically and digitally. How uplifting and empowering will that be?


    What will it cost me to be a Phoenix Rising?

    The cost to create this incredible power-book and give your story to the world is £3000. Should you sell your books through your own platform you not only get all your money back from the investment but also make an extra £1500

    Remember …

    It’s easy to play life small and not be truly seen. Sharing your story requires vulnerability.
    With that vulnerability comes power as your story makes the world a more connected place.

    As soon as you tell your story, the power multiplies as you impact and empower the lives of others.


    Who will be the hero of your story?

    It will be you!

    The moment you sign up, your hero’s journey will begin!


    Your Commitment

    We commence in January 2022 and meet via Zoom on the third Thursday of each month from 7.30pm – 9.00pm. The first process is to connect and create the structure of our memoir. The memoirs are completed by the end of July and are then edited and proofed. The book is designed in October and goes to print at the start of November ready for the marketing launch and pre-Christmas sales.

    About Olivia Beardsmore


    Olivia is a modern-day Warrioress, a sassy, kick-ass work in progress. Her enthusiasm, irresistible smile and passion for life are truly infectious! One could think life has been easy for Olivia, but those who know her intimately are aware that her Warrioress power is truly alive as she is passionately driven with a powerful determination to create the life she desires whilst calmly and serenely aligning herself with life’s challenges.

    Over the past 13 years, Olivia founded and developed Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine – a printed and digital publication which soon grew to be the most successful niche title in its category, worldwide. It is distributed in seven countries in paper form and available digitally worldwide. All this in the face of a challenging and declining print market.

    “It is a little scary, when you really step in and own your story, write it down, allow others to read, edit and rework it, give feedback, and go through the enormity of the healing journey that comes with digging deep in your life to share it with others.

    It has been an awesome experience and sharing it with 5 other amazing women, all owning our phoenix rising, has been an absolute pleasure. Something much bigger, brought us all together, and the book herself will go on her own journey, with her own story to tell.

    So after all these years of being told, “Blimey you could write a book with your life story!” She’s on her way.”

    Laura Exton

    “Olivia has been excellent to work with over the last 10 years through our time working on Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine. Her passion is unquestionable, and through her drive, leadership and commitment, the magazine grew against double-digit market decline. This has not been an easy feat, and her skill in ensuring the magazine has seen growth, especially on the newsstand, has been down to hard work and persistence in ensuring all avenues are explored, through teamwork, creativity and well-executed planning.”

    Neil Selby

    MagCirc Solutions

    “I’m a super private person in regards to many aspects of my life, although an open book to good friends. I’m used to keeping things locked away in my heart or in a diary. I’m an exceedingly creative person, I write and publish poetry, stories and illustrations, I also belly dance on stage and within these creative outlets are hidden messages as to who I am, if someone wishes to decipher them. I’m not unlike most artists who are known to be solitary and so this memoir was a beautiful challenge for me to be courageously vulnerable.

    I’ve never written and published something raw and deeply personal before but Olivia has been my anchor throughout this whole journey. She believed in me and what’s so beautiful about Olivia is her combined empathy and logic, with her knowledge of the publishing world and as a sensitive soul who has spent countless years supporting women to feel empowered and you feel held as you navigate your oceans.

    With this memoir, I want to be a voice for women who are unheard and this whole project has inspired me to captain my own anthology one day. This memoir is the beginning, Olivia has ignited something in me to rise, feel empowered and burn with magic and fervour.”

    Katie Ness

    Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

    £500 deposit is due upon booking and the balance of £2500 is due by the end of December 2021.

    1. Why do you want to write your memoir?
    2. What do you hope to achieve from it?
    3. What is the main message of your memoir?

    Phoenix Rising


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