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Burning Woman Festival

Workshop: Animal Spirit Feather Art Workshop

Workshop: Animal Spirit Feather Art Workshop

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Saturday 20th July 11am - 12.30pm


Unleash your inner artist and discover your animal spirit guide through this unique feather art workshop!

In this workshop, you will:

  • Connect with your intuition: Through guided meditation and journaling prompts, delve into the world of animal symbolism and uncover your personal spirit animal.
  • Paint your spirit animal: Express your newfound connection by painting your discovered animal spirit onto a beautiful, ethically sourced feather. Let your creativity flow as you bring your spirit guide to life with vibrant colours and meaningful details.
  • Adorn the feather shaft: Embellish the feather shaft with beads, feathers, and other trinkets, creating a personalised and powerful talisman.
  • Learn techniques: Our experienced instructor will guide you through basic painting and embellishment techniques, ensuring everyone creates a stunning and meaningful piece of art.
  • Unwind and connect: Enjoy a relaxing and creative atmosphere, perfect for self-discovery and connecting with fellow spirit seekers.

No prior artistic experience is needed! All materials are included, along with light refreshments to fuel your creativity.

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