Waking The Burning Woman Retreat

19.04.24 – 25.04.24





“Set your life on fire, seek those who fan your flames.”


Hannah Mama-Skye creator of Waking The Witches is joining forces with Olivia Beardsmore founder of Burning Woman Festival

To bring you the first ever

Waking The Burning Woman Retreat


“To set the wombs of the world on fire.”

The first ever Waking The Burning Woman Retreat will be held at the powerful healing house and land built on… the beautiful La Catitera Retreat Centre, a powerful healing land built on quartz crystal, situated in the magical mountains of Las Alpujarras.

Nestled in the valley, of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, surrounded by sacred flowing water and birdsong.

Many wise women, witches and shamans reside here, many women were forced to hide here, but their magic and powers never left these hills and waters.

“There is no force more powerful than a woman’s soul on fire.”

Inside every woman is a fire, be it a flame or a flicker, it’s burning, a burning passion to be free, held, heard, and seen.

and everything she’s born to be,

a burning fire of creativity.

Through life, trauma, abuse and shame our fire can be diminished or stamped out.

This is a retreat to reignite your fire inside, lighting the flames to your soul, and for your feet to walk over the hot coals to your greatness.

We will go on a journey to your womb space, to take time to be tender with her and listen to her, to begin to wake the witch in you, before lighting the fire in your inner cauldron.

All you need you have inside of you.

You have just forgotten.

We are here to hold space for you to remember, to offer our warmth to your burning embers.

We see you and believe in you and we are here to fan your flames.

We will be working with all the Elements, Directions, Herbs, Plants Crystals, and Rituals. Tools to take away with you, to keep your fire burning.

We have an incredible team of Witches, Herbalists, Healers, Astrologers, Medicine Women and Burning Women to assist you through this journey of awakening.

“Your inner fire is your most vital source of energy”

We will journey through the following:



Witches Circle

Guided Meditation & Witches Journey

Herbal Yoga


 Herb Walk & Tea Tasting


Belly Dancing & Shakti Activation


Mountain Hike


River Blessing

Yoni Steaming Ceremony


Yoni Egg Ceremony

Fire Magic

Rite Of Passage

Empowerment poetry

Planting Of The Rose Ritual

Medicine Making

Spell Casting & Sigil

Full Moon Firewalk

Closing Cacao Ceremony


‘Never apologize for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself every night.

That is how galaxies are made.’



The retreat is 6 nights, 5 full days of magic.


Arriving the Friday afternoon to settle in the space and share our first dinner together.


And gathering for our closing cacao ceremony at the stone circle on 24/04/24 Gateway


And leaving on the Thursday morning after breakfast and goodbyes.


Investment in soul & self £1444


Options to pay in monthly instalments.


All incredible heavenly food created by our kitchen witches and accommodation in our beautiful retreat house along with all the workshops, gifts and ceremonies are included.

Each guest will be gifted the option of an Astrology reading or Reflexology session by our Witch sister Toria.

If there is time for any additional massage or healing, it will be offered for 40 euro a session.


There will be a Burning Woman shop in the house selling herbs, cycle calendars, and talismans.


There are a few sleeping options available:


Double own room (first come first serve)

Single own room

Twin shared room

Triple shared room

For a closer connection with nature, we have a luxury lotus bell tent option on the land.


Flights are not included in this price,

Cheaper flights are often available into Malaga when booked in advance.


Airport transfers from Malaga to La Catitera Retreat Centre and back after the retreat, is included in the price.

Collection is available from Orgiva if you are local.



This form will be securing your place to start the journey of something life-changing and beautiful.


 Reigniting your fire, your spirit, flare, and passion for life.


“Stars don’t shine they burn.” 


We are so excited to embark on this transformational journey with you and wake the Burning Woman in you.


Much love and blessings.


Hannah Mama-Skye and Olivia Beardsmore


Daughters of the earth it’s time to rise and set your soul on fire Our mother needs you……

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