NEW RELEASE – Thank You For My Life Great Spirit by Jenny Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix) (Copyright 2021)


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Dear Ones,

Welcome, welcome,

I am so excited to be bringing you my new medicine song which launches at Burning Woman Festival.

🔥Thank You For My Life Great Spirit🔥

It is an encoded medicine söng, a power blessing.

It is a vehicle through which divine intent may be delivered.

It is an enchantment a call to remember our sovereignty.

I received this song from spirit as a heartfelt reminder that the phoenix within us is rising and that the power of gratitude has no bounds.

At this intense time of recalibration the foundation for a whole new way of life Is being initiated. .

I believe that we are being drawn together implicitly and that it is time to go within, strengthen our ropes of connection and give thanks for this precious life,
to become our own sweet medicine, heal what’s been broken and set a positive ripple effect in motion across all timelines with clear intent for the benefit of all.

It feels imperative that we heed the call and return to our hearts swiftly healing.

The wounding that has separates us from our true nature and divine connection.

We had forgotten we are sovereign.
We are remembering who we are.
It is time to nurture our home fires, listen profoundly to our hearts and sing our own song.

Together as one. We are strong, Homo-Luminous Ambassadors of Unity.

We are individually and collectively setting the caged bird free.

So I call upon you now, to stand up and be counted. To own the good medicine you carry, to share that which is of benefit to all beings without condition and allow love to dissolve all fear and doubt, greed and competition.

Where the light comes darkness shines and disappears.

It is time, it is time, tis the hour to celebrate the seeds we’ve sewn
It is time, it is time, is the hour to rejoice and then let go

Lift ourselves, lift ourselves, higher
Reclaim our sovereignty,
Change our minds,
Change our lives,
Open hearted.
Ambassadors of unity”

Beautiful pearls from the wreckage of time we rise from the ashes on fire.

Thank You For Your Life my friends

Mitakuayoyasin (to all my relations)

Jenny Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix)

“This song carries a wonderfully potent, energising frequency, as it came in through my ears I felt it connect into my heart, lifting and expanding my energy field. It’s SO much more than a song – it is a portal for shamanic healing.”
Ali Babs

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