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Burning Woman has a diverse and eclectic choice of workshops running throughout the weekend. The non-bookable workshops are on a first come first served basis. Please ensure that you arrive at least 10 minutes before they are due to start as once they have commenced you may not be able to enter due to the nature of the workshop. There are multiple workshops running simultaneously plus drop-in activities that you can also do. Some bookable workshops have a fee, which supports the workshop host and covers resources used in the activity.

We can’t wait to release our full timetable so you can plan your magical weekend. This year we have created a printed Souvenir Burning Woman Festival Guide which contains the site plan, timetable, contact details and is also a journal. This is available for a donation of £3, with all profits going to TreeSisters.

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fri03junAll Daysun05Luxurious Wood-fired Hot Tub

fri03junAll Daysun05Beautiful Mess Workshop (Clothed)

fri03junAll Daysun05Beautiful Mess Workshop BWF (Naked)

fri03jun2:00 pmfri3:30 pmPerson Centred Creative Art WorkshopWith Kay Le Sueur

fri03jun2:00 pmfri3:30 pmNurture your Nature workshopWith Chandra Gould

fri03jun3:00 pmfri4:00 pmTea Ceremony - Opening the HeartFacilitated by Marjorie Genest Therapies

fri03jun3:00 pmfri5:00 pmGlow Up Goddess Cacao CeremonyWith Eleena Rathaur

fri03jun4:00 pmfri6:00 pmRebirthing Breathwork - Reclaim Your SovereigntyWith Shani Ben-aroya

fri03jun4:00 pmfri5:00 pmNature PrintingWith Rachel Howfield Massey

fri03jun4:30 pmfri6:00 pmSacred Rest with CacaoWith Esther Knowles

sat04jun7:30 amsat8:30 amTea Ceremony - Opening the HeartFacilitated by Marjorie Genest Therapies

sat04jun9:00 amsat12:00 pmTemple Of The Sacred PelvisWith Aurora Sunu/Pelvic Priestess

sat04jun9:00 amsat11:00 amAwaken Your Inner Fire Warrior WomanWith Jo Sellars & Jodie Mellor from Women of the Woods & Wild Fires Sister Circle

sat04jun9:30 amsat10:30 amGong Bath - Total Sound Immersionwith Gongs by Julia

sat04jun11:00 amsat12:30 pmSoma Breathwork: Awakening JourneyWith Julie Tully

sat04jun11:30 amsat12:30 pmGong Bath - Total Sound Immersionwith Gongs by Julia

sat04jun11:30 amsat1:30 pmCreate Your Own Burning Women GoddessWith Paula Todd

sat04jun12:00 pmsat1:00 pmSassy HoopdanceWith Penny Farthing

sat04jun1:00 pmsat2:30 pmLooking after yourself: A Psychobiological guide to well-beingWith Dr Sarita Robinson

sat04jun1:30 pmsat2:30 pmGong Bath - Total Sound Immersionwith Gongs by Julia

sat04jun2:00 pmsat3:00 pmGoddess Gem Glow ActivationWith Eleena Rathaur

sat04jun2:00 pmsat3:30 pmMoon flowers - Learn to paint wildflowers with crystal pigments & watercolourWith Claire Shrosbree

sat04jun3:00 pmsat5:45 pmAgeing Consciously and a Wise Woman Crone CeremonyWith Suzanne Arnold

sat04jun3:30 pmsat4:30 pmGong Bath - Total Sound Immersionwith Gongs by Julia

sat04jun5:45 pmsat7:45 pmMeet Your Inner GoddessWith Bec Fowler

sat04jun6:30 pmsat7:30 pmGlowing Goddesses - Badass Hula Hoop TricksWith Penny Farthing

sat04jun6:30 pmsat7:45 pmTransformational Sound Healing JourneyWith Becky of Grounded Peace

sat04jun8:00 pmsat9:30 pmGoddess Fire Walkwith Olivia Beardsmore and Team

sun05jun9:00 amsun9:30 amSoma Breathwork: Daily DoseWith Julie Tully

sun05jun9:00 amsun10:15 amTransformational Sound Healing JourneyWith Becky of Grounded Peace

sun05jun9:30 amsun12:00 pmBeauty Unleashed: Release your Inner Queen & learn to enjoy being seenWith Amy Lee

sun05jun9:30 amsun10:30 amGong Bath - Total Sound Immersionwith Gongs by Julia

sun05jun10:30 amsun12:00 pmFree Your VoiceWith Natali Shaked

sun05jun11:00 amsun12:00 pmGoddess Gem Glow ActivationWith Eleena Rathaur

sun05jun11:30 amsun12:30 pmYin, Mindfulness & Essential OilsWith Caroline Oram

sun05jun11:30 amsun12:30 pmGong Bath - Total Sound Immersionwith Gongs by Julia

sun05jun12:00 pmsun1:30 pmMoon flowers - Learn to paint wildflowers with crystal pigments & watercolourWith Claire Shrosbree

sun05jun12:45 pmsun2:00 pmPATH OF THE HEART - A Sacred Shamanic Cacao Journey to the very Heart of PachamamaWith Deborah-Curtis aka Wild Shakti

sun05jun1:00 pmsun3:00 pmSilent Disco Ecstatic DanceWith Rachael and Hannah

sun05jun1:30 pmsun2:30 pmGong Bath - Total Sound Immersionwith Gongs by Julia

sun05jun2:30 pmsun3:30 pmCacao Meditation & DanceWith Caroline Oram

sun05jun3:00 pmsun4:00 pmGoddess Gem Glow ActivationWith Eleena Rathaur

sun05jun3:00 pmsun5:00 pmArt & Medicine - A Meditation & Drawing WorkshopWith Perienne Christian

Filter By Day

fri03jun2:00 pmfri3:30 pmRaise Your Vibration & Manifest a Life You LoveWith Cathy Ballard

fri03jun2:00 pmfri4:30 pmReclaiming YouWith Sue Phillips

fri03jun2:00 pmfri3:30 pmCelebrating the Older Woman – Creative Writing & Poetry Writing WorkshopWith Cathi Rae

fri03jun4:00 pmfri6:00 pmInnerdanceWith Jenny Asha Lily Wilde

fri03jun5:00 pmfri6:00 pmWriting Creatively for ConnectionWith Mahsuda Snaith

fri03jun6:30 pmfri7:30 pmOpening CeremonyWith Olivia Beardsmore, Jenny Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix) & Lix Kendal

fri03jun7:00 pmfri7:20 pmFIRE BIRD RISING - Raising the spirit of songWith Jenny Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix)

fri03jun7:20 pmfri7:30 pmBelly Dance Performance - Opening CeremonyWith Claire Shrosbree

fri03jun8:00 pmfri9:15 pmTransformational Sound Healing JourneyWith Becky of Grounded Peace

fri03jun8:00 pmfri10:00 pmWaking the WolfWith Suzanne Arnold

fri03jun8:00 pmfri11:00 pmFriday Night Pajama Party

sat04jun6:45 amsat7:15 amRise with the Song BirdsWith Andrene Alejandro

sat04jun9:00 amsat10:30 amReleasing your Inner CreativeWith Claire Atherton

sat04jun9:00 amsat11:00 amWriting Love Letters to Your BodyWith Cathi Rae

sat04jun9:00 amsat12:00 pmDiscover your Inner Goddess Yoga & Vision Board WorkshopWith Sinéad Robertson

sat04jun10:00 amsat12:00 pmWellness Without Walls; Eco-therapy on PrescriptionWith Anne Bramley of Wellbeing at Whistlewood

sat04jun11:00 amsat11:30 amSoul Shine ShowcaseWith Eleena Rathaur

sat04jun11:00 amsat12:00 pmAnimal Guide Journey for TeensWith Lix Kendal & Jane Crane

sat04jun11:30 amsat1:30 pmRadiantly Alive ~ Soaring Into SummerWith Marie Burrows of Wild Wolf Movement

sat04jun11:30 amsat1:30 pmAwakened BellydanceWith Jenny Asha Lily Wilde

sat04jun12:15 pmsat1:00 pmThink Like a Tree - Unlock Nature’s Secrets to Health, Wellbeing and Living a Good LifeWith Sarah Spencer of Think Like a Tree

sat04jun12:30 pmsat2:00 pmPussy Power WorkshopWith Kate Lambert

sat04jun12:45 pmsat1:45 pmRemember Your Magic - Reclaim Your VoiceWith Natacha Dauphin

sat04jun1:00 pmsat2:00 pmSensual Embodied DanceWith Francesca Raffa

sat04jun1:00 pmsat2:30 pmRise in Love - Sacred Feminine SensualityWith Angie Hallsworth-King

sat04jun2:00 pmsat3:00 pmPlayful Yoga / Laughter YogaWith Rosey Shrosbree

sat04jun2:00 pmsat3:00 pmThe Vulva, The Voice and the Vagus NerveWith Debs De Vries

sat04jun2:15 pmsat3:45 pmCompassionate Communication WorkshopWith Ginny and Ash

sat04jun2:30 pmsat4:30 pmFire Lighting WorkshopWith Yara Ghrewati

sat04jun2:30 pmsat3:30 pmFind Your FireWith Kate Oman

sat04jun2:30 pmsat4:00 pmHealing Drumming CircleWith Kay Le Sueur

sat04jun3:30 pmsat4:30 pmMoney, Fear & Envy - Clearing Your Money Blocks to ReceiveWith Naomi Bryan

sat04jun4:00 pmsat5:00 pmThe Lolitas - Creative Writing WorkshopWith Louise Fazackerley

sat04jun4:00 pmsat5:00 pmRefocusing, recovering and growing following our experiences during the Covid-19 pandemicWith Dr Sarita Robinson

sat04jun4:15 pmsat5:45 pmEmbodying the Four ElementsWith Francesca Raffa & Marjorie Genest

sat04jun5:00 pmsat6:00 pmConnect to your inner Wild WomanWith Claire Standen

sat04jun5:30 pmsat7:30 pmSonic Goddess ~ Embodied Movement & Sonic Soundscape JourneyWith Rebecca Aka Sonic Gypsy

sat04jun6:15 pmsat7:45 pmA Journey to the Sacred Womb TempleWith Lia Nelissen

sat04jun7:30 pmsat11:00 pmGoddess, Queen & Warrioress Party

sun05jun9:00 amsun10:00 amForest Bathing Taster ExperienceWith Helen Saunders Forest Bathing

sun05jun9:00 amsun11:00 amYoni WorkshopWith Angie Hallsworth-King

sun05jun9:00 amsun11:30 amReleasing your Inner CreativeWith Claire Atherton

sun05jun10:00 amsun11:30 amSacred Power Animal JourneyWith Marjorie Genest

sun05jun10:30 amsun12:30 pmDance yourself ConfidentWith Camille & Sinéad

sun05jun11:00 amsun1:00 pmThe Alchemy of Frequency healing - How 7th Dimensional Technology can Transform, Heal & EmpowerWith Ashana Karula Ra

sun05jun1:00 pmsun4:00 pmA Psychic Adventure - Explore your 6th senseWith Sue Phillips

sun05jun1:30 pmsun2:30 pmTalk: Menopause - What every burning woman should knowWith Dr Sarita Robinson

sun05jun3:00 pmsun4:00 pmRewilding Yoga DanceWith Victoria Waits

sun05jun3:00 pmsun5:00 pmWOMEN OF FIRE! BE WHO YOU CAME TO BE AMBASSADORS OF UNITYWith Jenny Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix)

sun05jun3:30 pmsun4:30 pmCreate Your Own 'Blackout Poetry’with Jo Hodson

sun05jun3:45 pmsun5:15 pmDIG - ROOT – BLOOMWith Leandra Ashton

sun05jun4:00 pmsun5:00 pmTantra Sensual Movement & DanceWith Angie Hallsworth-King