Festival Food


Grab and go style

Yoghurt pots – Dairy and Vegan 

  • Strawberry and mango
  • Granola add on


  • Coconut, cranberry and almond
  • Traditional

Fruit pots

  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon
  • Mixed fruit
  • Strawberry

Breakfast toastie

  • Falafel and tomato
  • Bacon and egg

Gluten free muesli

  • Swiss muesli
  • Plus milk and non dairy milks 

Lunches and dinners

Self selected healthy eating

A selection of superfood salads, laden with whole grains, sensationally seasonal vegetables and spiked with superfoods.

6 complex salads per service

  • Harrisa spiced chickpea with roast red onion, roast peppers & baby spinach
  • Super kale Vegan Caesar, quinoa and toasted sunflower seed salad
  • Roasted sweet potato, black beans charred broccoli salad
  • Rainbow slaw with confit garlic & rosemary
  • Pineapple and ginger spiced brown rice salad, coconut, coriander
  • Balsamic glazed roast potatoes, raw beetroot, rocket with flaxseed

6 simple salads per service

  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Mixed leaf
  • Sweet corn
  • Olives
  • Grated carrot

With handmade dressings

  • Spiced mango
  • Chilli jam
  • Balsamic dressing
  • Lemon oil

Barbeque Protein Station

  • Seabass fillets
  • Grilled halloumi
  • Marinated chicken breast
  • Spiced tofu


  • Seed laden granola bars
  • Freshly blended smoothies
  • Blended fresh fruits
  • Vegan lemon muffins

Gluten Free

Vegan Arepa

Vegan cheese, edamame guacamole, kale, plantain, beans, spinach, courgettes,  peppers, pico de gallo and salsa roja

Chorizo Arepa

Chorizo, mozzarella cheese, edamame guacamole, plantain, beans, pico de gallo and salsa roja

Chicken Arepa

Slow cooked chicken in a tomato and shallot salsa, mozzarella cheese, edamame guacamole, plantain, beans, pico de gallo and salsa roja

Veggie Arepa

Mozzarella cheese, edamame guacamole, plantain, beans, spinach, courgettes, peppers, pico de gallo and salsa roja

Romana-Style Pizzas

  • Margherita Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Nduja Pizza
  • Prosciutto Pizza
  • Wild Pizza
  • Vegan Pizza
  • Truffle & Gorgonzola Pizza


  • Ragu’ Arancini
  • Battered Chicken Nuggets
  • Truffle and Parmesan Chips
  • Chips

And much more…

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