When Women Gather…

by Olivia Beardsmore

Was it really seven years ago? It seems like only yesterday that I enjoyed an incredible life-changing experience in Kenya – living with and learning from a Maasai tribe in the Rift Valley. Witnessing and sharing their daily lives blew my mind. I couldn’t believe we were sharing the same planet.


So much to learn from our Kenyan sisters

Today, I’d like to explain how, in these difficult days of disconnection, we women have so much to learn from our sisters in Kenya. I’ll also be highlighting the opportunities we have in the coming months, in spite of the pandemic, to come together in the spirit of love and mutual nourishment.


Connection and mutual support

But back to Kenya. My time there was joyously spent. I helped to re-build mud huts. I heard shocking tales of female genital mutilation. I observed as a goat was sacrificed. The villagers drank its warm blood and served the best meat as a high honour to their guests. All of this was in stark contrast to our lives. These fine people possess something we rarely experience – daily, supportive connection with each other.


On one day, I accompanied the women on a trek lasting several miles. We were to collect water. We made our way through undulating terrain, our donkeys patiently carrying water containers. The journey was a joy – filled with laughter, singing and playing jokes. The women knew how to be together. The burden of walking miles in intense heat was to them, a playday.

A trickle of water

On the horizon, a lingering haze hung above the ground. Surely this signalled a magnificent, life-giving river. But no. Before us, emerged little more than the trickle of a natural spring; its waters brackish-brown – barely drinkable.

The women set about their work. They created a filter, forming a sand bank for the water to pass through. Before long, they had generated enough clean water to fill their containers. As the water filtered into their woman-made pool, the women, showed no signs of exhaustion. They bathed together, laughed, sang and washed the clothes they were wearing, knowing they’d dry off in no time on the long trek home.

These women were connected. They shared a beautiful, tangible joy in performing together their daily duties.


All that we need?

Back home in ‘the West’, we don’t know our good fortune. We have clean, running water to drink. We have washing machines and dishwashers. We have everything that 21st century technology can provide. We have all that we need. Or do we?

We choose to be separated by geography and circumstance. We sacrifice that which we need the most – our natural divine feminine connection. We’ve sacrificed on our energy of beingness. power, love, care, creation, intuition, community, sensuality…


Now is the time to re-connect

The global pandemic has only served to accentuate the sadness of our separation. Currently, the world breeds disconnection. It’s time to bring this to a close. It’s time to gather. With all the ease, grace and bliss that we can muster, it’s time to re-connect – to come together. It’s time once again to unite, to support, to learn, laugh, celebrate and heal.

Did you attend the Online Global Burning Woman Festival? You’ll have heard how Burning Woman was born. If not, I will share its magical creation over the coming months of how our paths crossed, how we sowed the seed, the roots grew and our petals unfolded.

Until we meet next July in person, we can still connect in our Burning Woman Facebook Group. We’ll share motivational quotes, discuss topics and have zoom gathering.


Online Global Burning Woman Festival – 30th & 31st January 2021

Good news! In January, we’ll be holding our second Online Global Burning Woman Festival, filled with incredible speakers to nourish our souls. We have an incredible line-up of speakers to announce.


Burning Woman Festival, 23rd – 25th July, Henlow, Bedfordshire

I can’t wait for us all to be together.

I’ll be sending you regular announcements of amazing workshops and experiences. Check out our social media pages below.

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I look forward to sharing a magical weekend with you as we gather around the heart of the fire.

After all – when women gather… magic happens!

Much love,

Olivia X

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